Plating Painting
Molding Others

Exterior Parts
Molding Injection Machine: 80t to 1500t
Materials: ABS, ABS+PC, Nylon, Acrylic, etc.
Chromium Plating Solution Tank: 600 to 3600L
Materials: ABS, ABS+PC, Nylon, Zinc Diecast, etc.
Plating: Chrome, Gold, Brass, etc.
Automatic Plating Line
Vacuum Metalizing Automatic Vacuum Metalizing Machine (Drum Type)
Materials: Soft ABS, etc.
Painting Automatic Painting Machine, Robots
Manual Painting Booth, Clean Room

Interior Parts
Molding Precision molding from 30t to 450t, In-Mold Forming and Two-Shot Molding are avairable.
usable material: Acrylic, PC, ABS, PA+PPE, etc.
Painting Automatic Painting Machine(Drum Type)
Precise paint thickness control (per micrometers) for the middle and large size products.
Sputtering Automatic Sputtering Booth(Drum Type)
Precise thickness control on the sputtering process enables Half Reflectable to Full Reflectable metal la
Laser Marking Scanner Type Machine
Mask Type Machine
Mask-Scanner Type Machine
Printing Pad Printing Machine
Screen Printing Machine
Multi Color Printing Machine (Up to 4 color)

Environmental Preservation
Marui has promoted environmental pollution control measure as we conserve and reuse resource and materials. For instance, we had stopped using of hazardous materials, incinerator and liquefied petroleum gas. Also, all wastes are handled and disposed in safe and responsible manners.

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