Hot Foil Stamping
Effective for the cost saving of the Emblems.
Marui's foil selection enables high grade apperance.
Holographic foil technology produces variable metallic colors as optic angle or light condition changes.
Reflective Half-Mirror
Precisely thickness-controlled metal layer functions as "reflective half-mirror" which enables graphics below to become visible when they are illuminated.
EL Film Products
Technique of adding EL film has enabled products to be used outdoors.
Flexible Material Products
Vacuum metalizing process on soft material has increased flexibility, and safety has been pro by strict impact tests.
Single Letter Emblems
Our own "Guide Plate Assembly Method" has enabled the quick and easy attachment of "Single Letter Emblems" to the car body.
Multiple Color Laser Etching
Various graphic colors are printed in the surface at once and become visible by laser-etching

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